Huge Crowd Attends Get Healthy Event at Parkwood Drive Thru

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, HIP-Cuyahoga and the Good Food Here team held a Get Healthy Event at Parkwood Drive Thru in Glenville. DJ Haz Matt and the WZAK promotions team came out to let everyone know about the event and created two Facebook Live videos.  Vegan Vicki, a chef from Urban Sweetness made healthy veggie stir fry to share with guests. Community Health Workers from Cleveland State University provided free health screenings.  Parkwood Drive Thru offers a variety of fresh produce, dairy, and meats, and ready to eat rice bowls, baked chicken and fruit cups from Fruitalicious.

HIP-Cuyahoga radio show

Four members of the HIP-Cuyahoga team created a radio show that aired on WZAK’s Facebook Live and on NewsTalk 1490 on May 13, 2018. Greg Brown, Co-chair for HIP-Cuyahoga shared our purpose, and explained how all neighborhoods are not created equally. Michele Benko, co-chair of the Healthy Eating and Active Living Subcommittee shared what the HEAL group is up to and some recent successes. Delores Collins shared how she is involved with several HIP-Cuyahoga initiatives and plays a key role with engaging the community in the work. Lowell King shared how he has partnered with HIP-Cuyahoga so that he can bring wellness activities to FDR Academy.


This show aired live on WZAK 93.1FM’s Facebook page. The video is embedded here as well.

HIP-Cuyahoga Spring 2018 Newsletter

Introducing HIP-Cuyahoga’s Spring 2018 Newsletter

We are pleased to introduce the HIP-Cuyahoga spring 2018 newsletter. In this issue you will find:

Partner Highlight: United Way. 
United Way – 211 Accountable Health Communities project.

Community Champion Spotlight
HIP-Cuyahoga community health ambassadors lead the resident engagement work as we strive to be community led.

Subcommittee Updates 
The four subcommittees, Chronic Disease Management,
Eliminating Structural Racism, Linking Clinical and Public Health and Healthy Eating and Active Living have been busy throughout the past year.

Collective Impact Capacity Building
HIP-Cuyahoga uses a collective impact approach.

Click the image to download the newsletter

HIP-Cuyahoga Partnership and Funding Announcement

As co-chairs for HIP-Cuyahoga, we are pleased to announce that with recent funding from the United Way of Greater Cleveland and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), HIP-Cuyahoga will engage in efforts to bridge the gap between health care and social services, and will dedicate resources to supporting and sustaining its backbone infrastructure and operations.
See below for more details.

Heidi Gullett and Greg Brown








HIP-Cuyahoga will partner to support efforts to bridge the gap between health care and social services

HIP-Cuyahoga will partner with the United Way of Greater Cleveland and others, in their efforts to establish an Accountable Health Communities (AHC) model in Greater Cleveland. An AHC is a Center for Medicare and Medicaid model to address the health-related social needs of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries through assessment, referral and community navigation services, leading to improved care delivery, enhanced quality of care, reduction of the total cost of care and inpatient and outpatient health care utilization. More information on the AHC can be found here.

To support this partnership, United Way of Greater Cleveland awarded the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) $12,500 per year for four years for a total of $50,000, on behalf of HIP-Cuyahoga. Through this AHC collaboration, HIP-Cuyahoga will inform the gap analysis and quality improvement plan, as well as share information and highlight AHC efforts and accomplishments through various communications channels and community engagement efforts.

Grant award from the RWJF will help support and sustain HIP-Cuyahoga’s backbone infrastructure and operations

The CCBH received a grant of $75,000 from the RWJF Special Contributions Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation in January, 2018, following a recent visit by RWJF to the Greater Cleveland area. CCBH and several HIP-Cuyahoga partners had the opportunity to describe our collective efforts, share highlights of key outcomes and success, and communicate some of our challenges. One key challenge HIP-Cuyahoga faces moving forward is maintaining and sustaining backbone infrastructure and operations. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health has served as a key backbone organization and fiscal agent for HIP-Cuyahoga since its inception.

According to FSG-Collective Impact Forum, the lack of strong backbone infrastructure and support, is the number one reason that collective impact initiatives fail. Backbone organizations make a substantial investment in guiding vision and strategy, supporting aligned activities, establishment shared measurement practices, maintaining and guiding an equity frame, building public will, establishing trusting and ongoing communications, meaningfully engaging the community, mobilizing funding, and the list goes on. Developing a plan for sustaining HIP-Cuyahoga’s backbone infrastructure and operations remains a top priority moving forward.


Supermarket Strategy and Policy Coalition Meeting Announcement

You are Invited to the Supermarket Strategy and Policy Coalition Meeting

Tuesday December 5th
East Cleveland Public Library – Lower Auditorium

14101 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112

The purpose of the Supermarket Coalition is to organize and align residents, storeowners, local/regional governments and funders to implement and stabilize high quality supermarkets in low-income neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County.  At the meeting we will cover:

1) Active supermarket projects in Cuyahoga County including: Euclid, Bedford, Cleveland
2) Community organizing strategies to prioritize resident feedback regarding store implementation. How can we support?
3) Policies to support high quality supermarket implementation + stabilization. Funding and accountability measures such as “clawbacks” to promote good actor supermarkets (local hiring, resident feedback requirements, local entrepreneurship opportunities, living wages, time commitments, produce commitments etc.)

The Supermarket Coalition is part of HIP-Cuyahoga‘s Healthy Eating and Active Living Subcommittee.  More information about Supermarket Access in Cuyahoga County can be found at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health’s website HERE.

Contact and to RSVP: Roger Sikes at 216-903-3283 or

New HIP-Cuyahoga video describes how we learn from history to make our future healthier

Throughout 2017, HIP-Cuyahoga has worked with a local film company, Cinecraft Productions to create a video series. The first video describes the problems HIP-Cuyahoga is working on and our collective efforts to ensure that Cuyahoga County is healthy for EVERYONE. HIP-Cuyahoga recognizes that opportunities are not the same for everyone in Cuyahoga County. Many racial and ethnic groups face steep obstacles and barriers to living healthy and prosperous lives. To build opportunities for everyone in the county to be healthy, HIP-Cuyahoga is learning and understanding how historical policies and practices have shaped current differences in community conditions and opportunities to be healthy, and is now thinking, understanding, valuing and taking action differently.  With this historical perspective and understanding, HIP-Cuyahoga is working with organizations, institutions, key decision makers, community leaders and others to address the structural, systemic and institutional barriers at the root of these opportunity differences.  This video was created with the generous support of the Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland.



You are Invited – Supermarket Access Listening Session and Discussion

Supermarket Access Listening Session and Discussion

Tuesday October 3rd 
2:00pm to 3:30pm
Greater Cleveland Food Bank

15500 S Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, OH 44110

Some communities concentrated in Cuyahoga County’s urban core and inner ring suburbs lack access to supermarkets that provide healthy food, jobs, community services, and economic stability for neighborhoods.  This lack of access disproportionately affects people of color and low-income residents.  What can we do to achieve more equitable supermarket access in Cuyahoga County?

The event will include:

  • The Data:  An overview of the data collection and mapping conducted for the supermarket assessment
  • What Works: Examples of successful supermarket implementation initiatives and policies in Cuyahoga County that have improved supermarket access
  • Next Steps:  A discussion of policy solutions and coalition building to improve our supermarket landscape in Cuyahoga County

We hope that you can attend the October 3rd event.

For questions or more information contact Roger Sikes at 216-903-3283.

This event was coordinated by the Supermarket Access Stakeholder Group

The Supermarket Access Stakeholder Group is an ad-hoc coalition that is developing a Supermarket Access Assessment and Policy Recommendations for supermarket implementation in low-income neighborhoods across Cuyahoga County.   The work and the Group so far consists of representatives from the Creating Healthy Communities Program at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, Ohio State University Extension, Greater Cleveland Food Bank, City of Euclid, Burten Bell Carr Development Corporation, Simon’s Supermarket, HIP-Cuyahoga Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL), Cleveland -Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition, Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at Case Western Reserve University, Healthy Food for Ohio Program, The Food Trust, Food Access Raises Everyone.

Register Here

HIP-Cuyahoga partners with WZAK and DJ Haz Matt to promote health at the Family Unity in Park

HIP-Cuyahoga teamed up with 93.1 WZAK’s DJ Haz Matt to spread the news about HIP-Cuyahoga on Saturday at the Family Unity in the Park festival at Luke Easter Park, who is working every day to help make Cuyahoga County a healthier place to live. Haz interviewed Ms. Dee, a community health ambassador for HIP-Cuyahoga, who shared information about the Chronic Disease Self Management Program, finding hidden salt in food to help control blood pressure, the Good Food Here program, and encouraged others to get involved.

DJ Haz Matt and Ms Felecia, a local zumba instructor helped encourage the festival participants to get up and get moving. Zumba is one of many activities that are offered at #healthmattershere sites throughout Cuyahoga County.

HIP-Cuyahoga Celebrated with Cecil and All the City on Saturday!

HIP-Cuyahoga teamed up with Neighborhood Leadership Institute and Cleveland State’s Community Health Workers to bring the good news about healthy eating and active living in Cuyahoga County at the All City Community Celebration at Wade Oval on Saturday. Cecil Shorts III, an NFL wide receiver from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers attended Collinwood High School. He and his wife are dedicated to the Cleveland community, and organized this event to continue to spread the word about health and wellness around town. HIP-Cuyahoga community ambassadors promoted healthy eating and active living resources around Cuyahoga County, gave out healthy snacks, and engaged with community members to get more folks involved. 

Get Healthy event at C-Town Food and Deli this Friday

At C-Town Food and Deli, Friday July 21 from 12:00-3:00 pm, you can learn about healthy eating, get health screenings, taste healthy foods, and see all the great things C-Town Food and Deli has to offer. Food samples and other giveaways will be available while supplies last. This event is FREE! C-Town Food and Deli is one of HIP-Cuyahoga’s Good Food Here participating stores. Click here to see the complete list of partner stores.

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