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Perspective Transformation

One of our key approaches is perspective transformation.  Building the capacity of our partnership and community members to think, understand and act differently to make equity and racial inclusion a shared value.

Current Opportunities

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HIP-Cuyahoga is transforming our approach to health improvement to create the conditions and opportunities for all Cuyahoga County residents to be healthy. Our Steering Committee is committed to making equity and racial inclusion a shared value and as a result, voted unanimously to make Perspective Transformation a new Key Approach. The Eliminating Structural Racism subcommittee will guide our partnership’s efforts to build capacity to think, understand and act differently as we work collectively on this approach.

If you would like to work with HIP-Cuyahoga to eliminate structural barriers to creating a Cuyahgoa County where all people are healthy and thriving, consider joining our partnership!

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Eliminating Structural Racism Subcommittee

Why it matters

We Need Perspective Transformation

Opportunities are not the same for everyone in Cuyahoga County. Many racial and ethnic groups face steep obstacles and barriers to living healthy and prosperous lives. To build opportunities for everyone in our county to be healthy, we must think, understand,  value and act differently through – perspective transformation. Perspective transformation starts with learning and understanding of how historical policies and practices have shaped current differences in community conditions and opportutnities. With this understanding, organizations, institutions, key decision makers, community leaders and others can work to address the structural, sytemic and institutional barriers at the root of these opportunity differences.