WANTED: Healthy Food at Our Corner Stores

You deserve healthy food in your neighborhood!

There’s nothing healthier than fresh fruits and vegetables. But if you live in an urban neighborhood in Cuyahoga County, you might not be able to buy them. More than half of our residents live too far from stores that sell fresh foods. HIP-Cuyahoga wants all residents to have the same chance to healthy, no matter where they live. We’re working with local stores to sell more produce, lean meats, whole grains, and low fat dairy products. When everyone eats healthier, our community gets healthier, too.

Tell us about a store near you.

Nominate a corner store or convenience store in your neighborhood that you would like to see offer healthy food options.


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Become a Community Health Leader

Do you or someone you care for struggle to manage diabetes, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, sickle cell, pain, depression or other on-going health conditions? Become a Certified Community Health Leader!

HIP-Cuyahoga is proud to work with two programs that train community members to be certified health leaders. Take Charge of Your Health by Fairhill Partners and MyLife by Evi-Base both encourage people to learn how to be a peer-to-peer trainer for people with a chronic condition. Both organizations offer training for people interested in becoming a certified health leader. Contact either agency to find out how.


Become a MyLife Health Leader with Evi-Base



HealthMattersHere_logo_ShadowHave you seen one of our RTA bus ads? Or heard our PSA on WENZ or WZAK radio?  Check out our recent ad campaign “#healthmattershere”, which ran on and inside of buses, in beauty salons, barber shops, laundromats, and corner stores. View the bus and healthy retail ads below or click the button to listen to the radio ads.






Healthy Retail Ads



RTA Bus Ads