Get Involved

We must act now as a partnership and a community to create equity and improve health for everyone in our community. This will require us to approach our work differently. We would like our residents, partners, and policy makers to join HIP-Cuyahoga in building opportunities for everyone in our county to be healthy.

What role are you interested in?

The HIP-Cuyahoga Consortium includes over 100 diverse and engaged partners from all different areas of our community. We have community advocates, people from public health, health care, mental health, academics and education, transportation, community and social services, planning, community and economic development, philanthropy (funders), and others.



Our Collective Call to Action

What Can You Do?

JOIN OUR PARTNERSHIP to help us address the complex factors that shape opportunities for people in our county to be healthy. No single person or organization alone can create such a large-scale and lasting change as we can together.
HELP US TELL A DIFFERENT STORY about the most pressing issues impacting health in our county. How we communicate about our partnership and our work is critical to our success. The story that people are most familiar with is that health is a product of personal responsibility. The reality is that the conditions in which people live, and the opportunities they have, form the foundation for health.
BEGIN BY UNDERSTANDING health and equity and how social, economic, and environmental factors, such as racism, poverty, poor education, unsafe housing, and poor food access, effect health outcomes and negatively impact our entire society.
WORK WITH US to increase community engagement. Commit to including community members, especially those impacted by inequities, in all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation of your programs and services. Building trusting relationships and community ownership can lead to lasting changes.
HELP OTHERS UNDERSTAND how historical policies and practices have shaped our present day inequities. Work with us to inform and influence policy and decision makers to ensure that everyone achieves the same benefit from the policies and practices within our county, communities and organizations.
PROVE OUR IMPACT by helping us document our progress through collection, reporting, and sharing of data. It is only through measurement that we can clearly understand how successful we are in addressing our most pressing health issues and reducing inequities.