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Policy Maker

One of our key approaches is health and equity in all policies. Years of public policy and private actions
have created opportunity for some, while oppressing others. We must transform our approach to create conditions
for ALL Cuyahoga County residents to be healthy.

Current Opportunities

Your Help Is Needed

HIP-Cuyahoga is currently seeking policymakers to engage in a number of ways. As policy and decision makers for agencies and organizations in our county, you can help us make a difference and advance our quest for equity. Work with HIP-Cuyahogato shape systems and policies to ensure that everyone benefits from the policies and practices within our county, our communities and our organizations. We can do this through policy making, creating regulations, hiring and recruitment practices and funding resource allocation.

Stay tuned for more information on our Community Day in June, Policy Workshop in the summer and our Consortium meeting in December. In the meantime, consider joining our partnership through a subcommittee or working group. Tell us what you are passionate about and help spread the word about HIP-Cuyahoga.

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Why it matters

We Need Equity in All Policy

There are major opportunity costs for poor health.  Years of public policy and private actions have created opportunity for some, while oppressing others. These opportunity gaps have created living conditions for that are unsafe, unhealthy and unacceptable for many low-income and minority communities.


The inequities that lead to poor health are bad for everyone, not just those who are sick or live in those neighborhoods. The health of a community is not limited to an individual’s health circumstances and status.  Poor health and health care threatens local, regional, state and national economies. Health can no longer be relegated to social science or political discussions. Health and its culture have become as much an issue of economics as all other recognized factors that drive an economy’s vitality such as education, productivity and a skilled workforce.


We believe that health should not be viewed as something scarce or something that must be rationed or fought over. Instead, we view health as a resource that multiplies the more it is shared. Health is abundant. By improving health for those in need, we will generate better health for everyone who lives and works in Cuyahoga County.