New HIP-Cuyahoga video describes how we learn from history to make our future healthier

Throughout 2017, HIP-Cuyahoga has worked with a local film company, Cinecraft Productions to create a video series. The first video describes the problems HIP-Cuyahoga is working on and our collective efforts to ensure that Cuyahoga County is healthy for EVERYONE. HIP-Cuyahoga recognizes that opportunities are not the same for everyone in Cuyahoga County. Many racial and ethnic groups face steep obstacles and barriers to living healthy and prosperous lives. To build opportunities for everyone in the county to be healthy, HIP-Cuyahoga is learning and understanding how historical policies and practices have shaped current differences in community conditions and opportunities to be healthy, and is now thinking, understanding, valuing and taking action differently.  With this historical perspective and understanding, HIP-Cuyahoga is working with organizations, institutions, key decision makers, community leaders and others to address the structural, systemic and institutional barriers at the root of these opportunity differences.  This video was created with the generous support of the Saint Luke’s Foundation of Cleveland.



Make health more than just a number by HIP-Cuyahoga Co-Chairs

HIP-Cuyahoga co-chairs, Heidi Gullett and Greg Brown wrote an opinion piece on how we are working to eliminate health disparities. Recently, Life Expectancy disparities were in the news again, following the release of a new report from the Virginia Commonwealth University Center on Society and Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In the piece, they share what we are doing to reduce racial bias in policies and practices,  poverty, and improving social conditions to make healthy choices easier.

Greg Brown Heidi Gullett