blue4African Americans and Hispanics are three times as likely to live in poverty than whites.
blue1 African Americans are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than whites.

African Americans and Hispanics are less likely to graduate High School than whites.

Half of the people in Cleveland live farther than a half mile from a grocery store. More than 60% of them are people of color.


Students of color are more than twice as likely to be obese than white students.
Ā Nationally, African Americans have a higher prevalence of high blood pressure. African Americans are also up to four times more likely to suffer increased risk of complications from high blood pressure than whites.
African Americans are more likely to die from a stroke than whites.



*2008-2010 Ohio Stroke Mortality Rates


gray1In Cuyahoga County, three times as many African-Americans babies die than white babies.
Depending on where people live, there is up to a 20 year difference in Life Expectancy in Cuyahoga County. City of Cleveland and ā€œinner ringā€ suburbs have the lowest life expectancies.

Why does it matter?

In Cuyahoga County, people of color are needlessly suffering and dying before their time.
We all pay for poor health.
>$1 Trillionā€”the combined cost of health inequities in the U.S.

Public health and health care systems must work together to improve the health of communities. HIP-Cuyahoga is:

  • Encouraging both systems to work together on shared goals
  • Building public health and health equity training into the curriculum of medical students
  • Identifying opportunities for combined data collection to better represent community health needs
An increasing number of people of color are at risk of chronic disease and do not get the care they deserve and need. HIP-Cuyahoga is:

  • Recruiting residents to become trainers or participants in chronic disease self-management programs
  • Training doctors to care for all patients with chronic disease in ways that are proven to work
  • Training doctors to be culturally sensitive and speak in plain language
Structural racism limits opportunities for some but contributes to poor health for all. HIP-Cuyahoga is:

  • Teaching organizations how to recognize and address structural racism
  • Encouraging organizations to work closely with community members
  • Developing policies to create social and economic opportunities for all people in Cuyahoga County

What are we doing about it?

Everyone should be able to eat healthy and be active if they choose to. HIP-Cuyahoga is:

  • Making healthy food available in neighborhood stores
  • Making sure that new streets are built to encourage walking and biking
  • Encouraging schools and churches to open their doors for people to be active after hours