Our Structure

HIP-Cuyahoga’s structure consists of a highly committed steering committee, guided by two co-chairs, four subcommittees guided by seven anchor organizations, two workgroups and the backbone organization. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health serves as the backbone organization and works closely with the co-chairs, anchors, workgroup chairs, and other members of the steering committee to guide vision and strategy, build public will, advance policy, and mobilize funding through an equity lens.


HIP-Cuyahoga Steering Committee
The HIP-Cuyahoga Steering Committee is led by two co-chairs and directed by bylaws to guide the work of HIP-Cuyahoga. Each member brings important knowledge, skills, and experience to inform our work. The Steering Committee offers guidance and ongoing oversight on the consortium’s goals and objectives. The HIP-Cuyahoga co-chairs ensure that the Steering Committee maintains its commitment to engaging the consortium and the community, in following the Community Health Improvement Plan.
HIP-Cuyahoga Consortium
The HIP-Cuyahoga Consortium includes over 100 diverse and engaged partners from all different areas of our community. For example, we have community advocates, people from public health, health care, mental health, academics and education, transportation, community and social services , planning, community and economic development, philanthropy (funders), and others. HIP-Cuyahoga works in partnership with community members to define and address critical health issues. More importantly, we seek to build trusting relationships that lead to lasting changes which community members start and direct.
HIP-Cuyahoga partners are committed to a shared vision and common agenda. We understand that there is no “silver bullet” solution to address the complex factors that shape opportunities for people in our community to be healthy. No single organization alone can create such a large-scale and lasting change. To have the greatest impact on the health and well-being of our community, we need to coordinate our work and our resources around well-defined priorities and goals.
Shared Measurement and Evaluation Workgroup
The Shared Measurement and Evaluation Workgroup is a technical advisory group to the HIP-Cuyahoga subcommittees to promote ways to effectively measure the work and share information across agencies.
Communications and Community Engagement Workgroup
The Communications and Community Engagement Workgroup maintains effective communication within the consortium and with the public, key policy makers, and organizational leaders.