What is a Complete Street?

streets for everyone

Complete streets serve the needs of all users, not just automobiles. In communities that adopt a Complete Streets policy, transportation planners & engineers design and operate their street networks to be safer and better for everyone who uses them. Drivers, transit users, pedestrians, & bicyclists have safe access to the entire right of way, regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportation.

Complete and Green Streets Cleveland

The City of Cleveland passed a Complete and Green Streets ordinance in September 2011. In effect as of January 2012, the ordinance requires implementation of sustainable policies and guidelines in all construction projects within the public right of way. This ordinance will create a walking, biking and public transportation-friendly city while reducing environmental impact by incorporating green infrastructure. Some characteristics of Complete and Green Streets include enhanced transit waiting environments, bicycle lanes and signs, pedestrian refuges, public art, waste containers, crosswalk enhancements, ADA accessibility, way-finding signage, permeable pavement, green space or trees and multi-use paths.

Midway Project

re-designing our community

The Midway is a proposed world class cycling network, built for everyday Cleveland residents. Cycling is an important mode of transportation for any city. The network will cover 80+ miles to allow safe and convenient mode of active transportation for people on bikes all over the city. Think of the Midway as a bicycle expressway network, with controlled on and off access points, but overlaid atop our city’s existing streets. Separated cycle tracks are an innovative form of urban cycling infrastructure giving continuous physical protection to cyclists, while still being a part of the curb to curb street right of way. This typology has been proven the world over to be safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicular traffic, making urban streets safe and comfortable for cyclists of all skill levels from ages 8 to 80. What is especially innovative for The Midway is its adaptive re-use of infrastructure formerly dedicated for public mass transit. No city in the world has proposed such a project.
Bike Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland YMCA are leaders on making the vision of the Midway Project a reality. Current progress related to this project and how to get more involved in other active transportation projects in Cleveland are available at Bike Cleveland’s website.

Bike Cleveland – Midway