On Wednesday, June 13, 2018, HIP-Cuyahoga HEAL subcommittee joined forces with the Cleveland Cuyahoga County Food Policy Coalition to mobilization a meeting around the Farm Bill.  The goal of the meeting was to help educate partners on the importance of the Farm Bill and provide tools and resources on how to support the Farm Bill. Below are presentations on the Farm Bill and other resource.

Why the Farm Bill is important related to Supplemental Nutrition Access Program (SNAP)?

  • SNAP kept 419,000 Ohioans out of poverty, including 187,000 children.
  • Ten percent of Ohio workers, 523,800 people, depend on SNAP.
  • SNAP works for working families, about 76% of families using SNAP have at least one person working.
  • In Ohio 6 of the top 10 most common jobs in Ohio paid so little that a typical worker would need food assistance to feed a family of three.
  • SNAP incentives are a win for customers & for farmers.
  • SNAP is crucial for local businesses and thanks to this program Ohioans spent $2.4 billion at 9,644 retailers that accepted SNAP last year.
  • Every $1 increase in SNAP benefits during an economic downturn generates a $1.70 in economic activity.
  • Produce Perks extend the value of SNAP benefits for fruits and vegetables.
  • Adults on SNAP pay nearly 25% less per year in medical care costs than low-income non-participants.
  • SNAP participants report better health than non-participants.

Farm Bill resources
House Committee on Agriculture Update on 2018 Farm Bill  
Politico’s Morning Agriculture Newsletter
Farm Bill Primer prepared by National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Farm Bill + SNAP Primer prepared by Food Research Action Center (FRAC)
FRAC’s Farm Bill Resource page which includes Action Letter to Preserve Food/Nutrition Programs
Policy Matters Ohio: SNAP Feeds Ohio
Policy Matters Ohio: SNAP Education and Training Statement
Representative Marcy Kaptur’s Urban Agriculture Production Act Introduced September 2017
Senator Sherrod Brown’s Local FARMS Act Introduced September 2017 – Link to legislation The Local Food and Regional Market Supply Act 
The Food Trust’s Greater Philadelphia Farm Bill Working Group Report