Increasing Safe Biking

Riding tips for cyclists

Responsible road users

Ride With The Flow: Ride on the road, with the flow of traffic. Bikes are legal road vehicles, and riding on the road keeps you visible and predictable.
Lights At Night: Once dusk approaches, by law you need a red rear light and white for the front. Many riders choose to use rechargeable lights in order to run them even during the day for extra visibility.
Ride To The Right Of The Lane: But know that you have the right to the entire lane if conditions warrant it. This includes road debris, other hazards, or if you feel that you need to be more visible under the conditions.
Obey All Traffic Laws: As a vehicle, you are subject to roadway laws. If you need a refresher on current laws, including new ones relating to signalized intersections not working for you, consult our Bikes and the Law page.
Ride With Confidence: Take the lane when needed (especially at intersections) and signal your intent to other road users. Cyclists need to use hand signals before turning, but just once so it does not affect your steering ability.
Know The Best Routes and Practices: Before heading out, consult our Resources Page for maps of bike lanes and more, plus information about upcoming Cycling Education opportunities to hone your skills!

Why Bicycling

Benefits of biking

Bicycling is good for YOUR Health:

  • Aerobic Exercise
  • Strengthens Muscles (without too much strain on joints)
  • Improves Bone Density
  • Improves Balance and Coordination
  • Improves Endurance
  • Improves Mood/Emotional Health

Additional Benefits:

  • Save money – reducing the costs of insurance, gasoline and parking spaces, the savings can really add up
  • Eco-Friendly – operating a bicycle causes zero pollution
  • Save time – when you ride to your everyday destinations, workouts are built into the day


Ready to get riding? Get Bike Cleveland’s Guide!

How do we encourage bicycling?

Creating opportunities for safe cycling for all

The partners of Bike Cleveland have been leading the charge to improve the cycling environment in the Greater Cleveland area throughout the last decade. Since 2014, Cleveland has added 80 miles of bike lanes! Bike Cleveland conducts safety trainings and educates us on the rules of the road, works with city planners to create safer bike infrastructure, and encourages people to ride and have fun! All of these activities adds to the vibrancy of Cleveland that a cycling city helps create. HIP-Cuyahoga and Bike Cleveland partnered with Z1079 and DJ Steph Floss to promote cycling. HIP-Cuyahoga supports Bike Cleveland in their effort to improve walking and biking for all in the Cleveland area in conjunction with the Active People Healthy Nation initiative.

Protected Bike Lanes are Important

Roadways with protected bike lanes have dedicated space for bikes and motor vehicles. They make riding a bike safer, make driving a car less stressful and will increase bike riding in Cleveland. When built as a network, they create a space for riders of all ages and abilities to travel safely from place to place.


Driving Safely Near Cyclists

Ever drive near a cyclist and wonder “What to do? What’s really legal?” Always pass cyclists with a minimum of 3 feet – it’s state law. It’s legal to cross the centerline to pass a cyclist, when conditions are safe to do so. Cyclists have the right to the full lane when needed. Be patient and courteous until it is safe to pass. Cyclists aren’t blocking traffic, they ARE traffic.

Before Going for a Ride, do the ABC Quick Check

In this video, Deltrece shows DJ Steph Floss from Z1079 how to quickly do the ABC quick check, to make sure your bike is ready to ride. A is for “air”. B is for “brakes”. C is for “chain”. Then check all quick release levers to make sure your wheels and seat are tightened down.

Get Social with Bike Riding

Riding with a group is a great way to get comfortable with riding on the street while having fun! Join one of the many biking groups or group rides happening all over the Cleveland Area!


Creating a Culture of Active Transportation

This is a video featuring Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director of Bike Cleveland, speaking at the HIP-Cuyahoga consortium in November, 2018. Jacob discusses the progress of their effort to create an active transportation network for all in Cuyahoga County.