Food Access Raises Everyone – an Update

The report Food Access Raises Everyone: A Collaborative, Comprehensive Approach to a Healthier Cleveland and Cuyahoga County is complete and available for viewing here.

This report is the result of the year-long FARE planning and assessment process. Thank you again to all of you who participated in the process. We hope you enjoy the report and please share it with others!

As a reminder, this is a shorter report based on a longer document: Food Access in Cleveland – Cuyahoga County: Needs Assessment & Recommendations. The Food Trust created the longer document by synthesizing all information provided by local stakeholders through phone calls, meetings, site visits, convening breakout sessions, worksheets and surveys.

FARE advisors and participants then selected parts they most wanted to share in order to highlight new opportunities for partners to collaborate, funders to provide support and residents to get involved. This shorter report is a result of that process. It is organized into program areas, with the recognition that each program is not operating in isolation, but rather, as a piece of a larger, comprehensive movement. Specific examples are included in order to offer inspiration and identify areas of intersection that may not have occurred to readers before.

The goal is to celebrate and inform readers about existing work, share paths for collaboration and provide information and suggestions for people to integrate into their own planning processes.

We hope the report is a useful tool for your work and that you will pass it along!


As we announced in our last newsletter in December, The Food Trust was awarded a grant from Saint Luke’s Foundation to move forward with the implementation of a “Collaborative, Comprehensive Approach to a Healthier Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.” Over a period of two years, The Food Trust will work closely with Cleveland partners to provide technical assistance and support local strategic planning efforts, leverage additional resources and share successful strategies. This model will build the capacity of and increase coordination among local partners so they can continue to improve health outcomes for residents well beyond the two-year project.
As part of the process, a coordinated Cleveland/Cuyahoga-Philadelphia team structure will be created, and a small staff will be hired to support the project, including a full-time Project Director in Cleveland. That Director will lead the implementation described above and will be based in Cleveland, working closely with The Food Trust staff in Philadelphia and creating a pipeline for technical assistance and resources from The Food Trust’s various program leaders. Soon after the Project Director is identified, another Cleveland-based employee will be hired to support the project.

A job description for the Cleveland Project Director can be found by clicking here.
If you are interested in applying or have anyone in mind that could be a great fit for this role, please let us know!